Computer Applications, Inc.

Computer Applications, Inc. (CAI), incorporated in 1993, specializes in advanced computer modeling in water resources, especially water hammer, surges, and floods, and in providing technical assistance in forensic engineering and litigation cases.

CAI consults nationally and internationally for software development and applications utilizing modern analysis methods for accurate solutions to complex water resource problems.


Software Development and Applications

Development, modification, application, sale, leasing of CAI software (WH, SUR, CHAN) for the analysis of transients (water hammer, surges) in pumping systems, hydroelectric power plants (including governing stability), cooling water systems and flood waves in rivers and channels, surges in canals, tunnels, sewers (including air pressures in partially pressurized conduits), drainage systems, etc.


Modeling services using various computer codes (e.g., HEC-RAS, HEC--HMS, FLO-2D, SWMM, Open-FOAM, EPANET, FLUENT, HYDROCAD, WaterCAD) for the planning, design and operation of piping systems, hydro-electric power plants, pumped-storage schemes, water-supply networks, cooling water systems, drainage and flood-control projects, levees and dams; and analysis of failures and technical assistance in litigation.


Forensic engineering investigation on the failure of piping systems, hydroelectric power plants, levees, dams, and other hydraulic structures and flooding.

Litigation and Legal Cases

Technical assistance and service as an expert witness for legal action related to water resource projects


Organization and instruction of short courses and workshops.


Water Hammer Analysis, WH

Version 7.0

Unsteady Free-Surface Flow , CHAN

Version 3.0

System of Surge Tanks, SUR

Version 3.0